Pickleball - The Fastest Growing Recreational Sport

Believe it or not, Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in America for people over the age of fifty. Younger players are even falling in love with the game just as much. According to research, there are almost three million Americans who play pickleball. This sport is really for anyone of any age and skill level.

In 2005, The USA pickleball association was formed so that they could promote the sport and popularize it throughout the country. Around the U.S. there are over eight thousand places to play and over thirty thousand courts.

Here in the picture below we can see that two sets partners are playing each other in a community court.


Over 3 million Americans currently enjoy the game, and you can find a court near you by going to https://www.places2play.org/.

If you would like a pickle ball court at your home give us a call or use our intake form and we would be happy to review the process and budgets.

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